Thompson Hospitality strives to create a strong relationship and cater to the needs of all students, including student athletes. From practicing all year to having to miss class and schoolwork due to travel, we understand the rigorous physical demands, as well as the large time commitment that college athletics requires. As a result, we are committed to our athletes, and have a variety of services aimed at assisting them in their athletic pursuits and easing their lives as best we can.

Seasonal Foods

Although some foods may be available year-round, eating them while they’re in-season can have a variety of  benefits for both athletes in–season and the environment as a whole. Foods at the peak of their harvest contain more nutrients then those who are picked out of season. This coming fall, there are a variety of  delicious foods to enjoy that are in season such as apples,  onions, and cranberries.

Meals Transfer

The process of traveling to away games can be an ordeal; so in order to simplify this process and give flexibility for schools and their athletes, meals plans transfer between Thompson schools. Eleven Thompson schools compete at Division II level, seven of which compete in the CIAA, while six compete at the Division I level, four of which compete in the MEAC. The close proximity and frequent competition between our schools ensures that service will constantly be utilized by our athletes.

Athlete Tips

Stay Hydrated- Make sure to replace ever pound lost during workouts with 16-24 oz. of water. Especially during summer months when athletes are sweating the most, dehydration can not only be detrimental to an athlete’s  performance, but also their health.

Sports Drinks: Yes or No?- Sports drinks are a useful source of electrolytes and sodium; however they should only be used during endurance exercise, when training is longer than 1 hour long. In shorter durations, water should be  consumed instead. Juice, energy drinks, and soda should never be consumed during athletic training due to their high caffeine levels and sugar contents.